I lecture on how digital drives and disrupts the world we know. And this world will dramatically change our business and private life. I challenge the digital customer experience of brands in every industry, blogging about it.

I am available for entertaining keynotes (vendor-neutral) to give your customer conference or employee event a new perspective on the next generation of customer engagement and data-driven digital business models, leadership and change management – based on my working experience with digital leaders and disruptors.


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Silicon Valley Speaker

Audiences of 1000s of attendees, or small groups – I like both of them because my goal is always to be rememberable and bringing you some new impulses and stories you have not heard before or making you start re-think some of your things.

Wether it is Moscone Center in San Francisco, global Gartner Summits, a customer own conference at Google’s EMEA head quarter or your internal in-house strategy – I enjoy engaging with my audience and tailor it to your needs and key messages.

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Emotional Story Telling


People buy from people. People working with me describe my ability to build and tailor stories, which are unique and emotional, as exceptional. In my presentations I connect own real life experiences with a personal touch to the world of B2B or B2C business – based on my international experience across industries with leaders in their space.

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References: Working with Digital Leaders

For the first time in our company history Google came to present at our global conference, on my invite presenting our new joint solution for smarter shopping and product search. Companies like Renault invited me to their global marketing strategy meeting to present at Google Office in Paris. I had the pleasure working and partnering with the best companies who lead the pace for digital disruption, as Amazon, Google, IBM, Salesforce, SAP, and many more on customer side helped my to gain great insights from their thinking. But also working with established leaders in different industries and helping them create a digital and data-driven culture and business models.
Everybody can be a disrupter and digital leader. Happy to share with you.